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Joined in December 22 best decision I've made. I've found myself using it daily, hunting for those points and advancing. The rewards are very much real and quite easily attainable if you go for them. All around you can tell real gamers made this company and are to service other gamers. Great way to make a little extra for just gaming as normal. 10/10 keep up the great work!

This app is the best app for gamers


I love the quests it gives for you to complete and helps to where you Discover new games you might not even of heard of or even thought you’d like and the best part is you earn points stick become cash there is no better app I have come across for gamers and gaming better than this app tiv be honest this app is GG

A new fav!


Loving this new app. It's really refreshing to find an app this original, fun, reliable and exciting all at the same time!

Super Satisfying App


I've been gaming for over 35 years now. Tiv give's true gamers a real goal to accomplish now with rewards points and awesome perks. Tiv is gaming with a purpose!

Exciting stuff!


It's refreshing to get rewards just by doing what I always enjoy doing. GAMING!

Tiv is the best in the business!


Nothing but good times using Tiv. Didn't realize I was playing and having so much fun! The rewards are worth playing for! Mahalo Tiv!

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Sign up and connect your gaming accounts.


Redeem your points for cash or other rewards. No gimmicks.

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“ get redeemable points for playing games. Kinda a no lose scenario.”


Harness your game.
Visualize your time.

SEE how you play games.

Gain insight and unlock your potential with inapp stats and leaderboards across all your favorite platforms.

“This app is the best app for gamers I love the quests it gives for you to complete and helps to where you!”


Time in, cash out.

Redeem points for Great rewards.

Redeem points for cash rewards.

“If you play video games at all, you need to install this app and start making some money!”


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