Get Steam games for less: It’s like a Steam sale everyday!


July 14, 2022 3 min read

Steam is one of (if not) the best gaming platforms for PC gamers. Unfortunately Steam sales only come a few times a year and the new titles we want to play are often absent from the sales.

With so many new games releasing all the time, it can be hard to justify paying full price for each title. Not to mention the cost of upgrading PC parts to keep up with the latest titles. After years of dealing with the same issues, we decided to build an app to help gamers play games for less - Tiv.

Here’s how it works:

Earn 3x points on Steam and other top gaming brands with Tiv

With Tiv, you immediately earn 3x points for all purchases made on Steam (and other top brands). This includes new games, DLCs, and even in-game content like skins. These are points you can redeem directly for cash to help pay for more games in the future!

Even better, you also earn points for playing Steam games and multiply the value of those points by using your Tiv card anywhere. That’s points you can redeem for cash for doing what you already do! We built Tiv to be the best rewards card for gamers and it’s easy to see why it is when you’re getting games for FREE just by playing and paying as you already do.

The best part? Tiv is completely free! No credit checks and no annual fee. Get Tiv here.


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